Premium Green Walnut liqueur

1.690 Ft8.490 Ft

Alc. 34% V/V

Ingredients: fruit palinka, distilled water, isoglucose, spices

Our Green Walnuts Liqueur is produced following a more-decade-long family recipe. It was awarded rightly with more silver medals in the national and international competitions. Its consumption provides a unique experience as it has an unusual taste debauchery. You can taste the sweetness of the liqueur and the bitterness of the green walnuts besides the harmonious flavour of aromas rich in spices at the same time. The intensive aromas of cinnamon and clove are present together with soft vanilla and citrus traces. On the whole, it is a very delicious, aroma-rich, wonderfully light liqueur on palinka-basis.

We recommend to serve it between 18-20 °C degrees.

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