Red Williams pear palinka

1.790 Ft9.990 Ft

Alc. 43% V/V

Ingredients: Red Williams pear palinka, distilled water

The Red Williams pear is the queen of the pears. It has an exceptional intense scent and green, fresh, citrusy and flowery characteristics. It is the juiciest of all the pears. With regard to its spiciness, it resembles the flavour of the well-known yellow Williams pear but considering its aroma and intensity it is much more complex than its yellow sibling. Its flavour has a sweet fruity nature. Besides it is slightly spicy which reminds us of the ripe, juicy fruit while tasting it. Every drop is a true rarity. It is the big favourite for women and men too because of its delicious characteristic marks. It is a very fragrant, tasty, medium-full, long-lasting palinka.

We recommend to serve it between 18-20 °C degrees.

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